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wellness zone

Wellness zone

Finnish sauna, Large whirlpool, Steam room, Relaxation zone
(Offer limited for customers with massage only)

Access to Wellness zone cannot be purchased separately. It is available only with massages.

1 entry350 CZK

SPA (sauna, whirlpool)

30 min-
60 min890 CZK
90 min1390 CZK
120 min1590 CZK

Set out on a journey full of sensual pleasures and you will enter the world of deep relaxation. Among other enjoyments, ZEN SPA offers a place to experience full-fledged relaxation. Pleased with a massage or beauty treatment, you can treat yourself to the right way of relaxing your body in our steam room, sauna, whirlpool, solarium or swimming pool.


Sauna is a kind of thermotherapy – a healing method using positive effects of slight overheating of tissues or the whole organism. Other thermotherapeutic methods include thermal baths, paraffin baths or simple foot steaming. Thermotherapy or heat therapy is based on Hormesis – a beneficial effect of being exposed to lower stress that results in stronger resistance of the organism, slowed-down aging and increased protection against civilization diseases. In this case, the organism is exposed to heat and it is overheated above the normal body temperature (approximately 39°C). Clinical studies show that sauna can decrease the blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, strengthen the heart and, thus, prevent heart failure, increase blood flow and help curability of chronic wounds and, last but not least, have favourable effects on our mental wellbeing.


Steam room is a hot bath (40-55°C) with a high humidity level (up to 100%). This unique climate renders beneficial effect on human organism. The main difference between sauna and steam bath is in the moisture. The air in saunas is dry and may be irritating for sensitive individuals. Steam bathing is definitely more suitable for people with asthma, for example. Warming has beneficial effects on health. Available in health resorts and rehabilitation centres, steam bathing is prescribed as a supporting therapy for people suffering from asthma, respiratory diseases, hoarseness, muscle diseases and circulation disorders. Generally, steam baths stimulate the whole organism and excessive sweating is induced there. Elevated temperature leads to activation of detoxification and fat burning processes and steam bathing, therefore, significantly helps in slimming.

Steam inhalation is an excellent remedy used to treat the symptoms of rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis, rhino-antritis and pneumonia. Moist air melts even thick layers of phlegm and alleviates painful spots. Steam bath opens skin pores, toxins are released, herbs regenerate the skin and, therefore, steam inhalation can also be used as a beautifying skin cleanser in the treatment of acne and other skin diseases.


  • Whirlpool
  • Steam room
  • Finnish sauna
  • Chill-out and relaxation zone