About us

The Zen Spa is an exclusive Thai spa – an oasis of peace and harmony, where one can relax the body and mind. We offer a wide range of Thai and other relaxation massages, private saunas and whirlpools (Jacuzzi). The moment you enter our spa, all of your senses get awoken by its unique environment – the aroma of herbs and aromatic oils. A feeling of pleasant relaxation is evoked and enhanced by soothing lighting, warm colours and specially designed furniture. A true paradise, where you may forget the time. Indulge and treat yourself and your loved ones to the most pleasant relaxation.

ZEN SPA, formerly known as the Zen Studio, has a long tradition. In 2010, we began to co-operate with Holmes Place, a multinational company (Europe and the Middle East) which had been operating fitness and wellness clubs in the Czech Republic since 2005. Starting in 2015, we also co-operate with the Factory Pro fitness and wellness centre.

All of our therapeutic personnel have the relevant and up-to-date knowledge in anatomy, aromatherapy and numerous massage techniques, together with the appropriate professional qualifications gained through studying at prestigious Thai colleges in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The Zen Spa therapeutic treatments help alleviate tension and relax the whole body at the same time. ZEN SPA is a haven of bountiful peace and senses, and a cradle of the art of natural treatments.